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Importance of learning English

For some people, English is so mainstream and learning the language is so obvious, they do not realise that for some section of the population, it's elitist. In a country like India, where the majority of the population flock to government-run schools, where English as a subject is not taught before standard 3rd, English is anything but mainstream.

The importance of learning English is manifold; it increases a person’s confidence, not only because it is the official and predominantly used language in countries like America and Canada, the evidently developed ones with great job opportunities in the secondary and tertiary sectors, but because many of the students like to move abroad for higher education, and these are the countries where English, if not the only one, is at least one of the languages that everyone communicates through.

It is no rocket science why a language like English, spoken by everyone in five people in the world is important to learn; English is the official language of 53 countries; which habitat a lot of people, all of whom, are accessible and approachable due to the fact that we share the same linguistic skills.

English is not just a language being spoken by many countries, but also the language is spoken by the countries that provide jobs. In India, where the tertiary actor isn't blooming as fast as expected and required, as per the growing population rates; it is necessary for the youth to diversify their linguistic skills so as to be eligible for jobs in cross ocean countries; this doesn’t include English solely, but, a lot of languages have seen to be sought after in the recent past; German, French and Spanish being few of the examples.

Some people consider the liability of learning English just that, a liability. They argue that in a country like India, where Hindi is considered our mother tongue, people shouldn’t be compelled to learn a foreign language basically brought in our country by our captivators; but what they don't realise is that Hindi is not our National language, just an official one, like there are so many official languages; 22, to be precise. In the intricate corners of the country, where people speak languages probably not even known in the mainstream media, we cannot expect them to know a single language at all places. With this fact, the argument that Hindi should be promoted in India stands null and void, because there are people in some parts of the country who don’t know Hindi either.

 Learning English is important, not because is the language of the elitist, but because it is necessary to have at least one language, spoken by the majority of people around the world, to remove the linguistic gap between them. And there are lots of educational apps for android for learning English.

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