Next Generation of Learning

Importance of Online learning.

With mankind’s steps into the 21stcentury, the need to diversify one’s abilities and knowledge increased manifold. We could no longer be limited to one space or area, our expertise had to be in multiple areas. Knowledge and learning have always been the basic means of livelihood, but in the 21st century, just having a livelihood isn't enough. The aim is to have a quality life and even better knowledge about multiple fields.

The Internet has taken up space in our lives, such, that we have solutions to the issues that were considered insurmountable in the past. With rising competition in practically every field, it is important to note that nowadays, the more we do, is the better. But how to do more? Days are still 24 hours long, and time has always been, and continue to be, limited. To gain qualification relevant in the technologically driven marketplace that we have today, online learning plays a major role. It saves time and manual labor, for one thing, and also provides equal opportunities and exposure to every single student.

The demand for skilled professionals have increased the zest for gaining analytical and technical skills; this, in turn, has created a competition, not just amongst the job seeking population, but also the industries, which seek to employ the best amongst the rest.

The need of diversification and betterment amongst the students have led to colleges and universities to come up with courses that are not only skill specific, but also flexible and can be accessed from anywhere at all times. In an arena where time is scarce and competition tough, online learning helps the graduates, undergraduates, and professionals with the added benefit to their resume.

Online learning offers a Lot of options to the students, videos, slideshow, pdf files, so on and so forth. Being in constant touch with professors through chat is beneficial because it eradicates the restraint of the four walls of a classroom.

The phenomenon on online learning has also enabled a lot of startup companies that have made education not only accessible by all, but also understandable by everyone; the provision of going back to online tutorials have made the students self-sufficient and saves their time when 30 years ago, they would have ran behind a teacher to get a concept cleared. The ease through which quality education can be gained has given the provision to everyone to overcome the hindrance of time constriction and financial background that were once the major threat to the education scenario.

 The major drawback of the traditional learning system is that it is expensive, time-consuming and the results are unpredictable. With online learning as an alternative, the costs have gone down, and the requirement of resources have decreased significantly. The students can adjust these classes around their schedules and even the busiest professional can enhance his skills through these classes.

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