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Modern day education is no longer about conventional classes surrounded by the suffocating four walls of teachers, students, copying down and mugging up; Education, these days is more about attaining knowledge according to one’s own leisure and comfort.  With literacy reaching even the remotest corners of the nation, the focus has shifted, in the recent times to quality education and not just the quantity of the same.

Gaining great momentum and center stage in the 21st century are the Educational Applications that are enjoying high prominence and recognition these days; these apps make knowledge, not only easier to grasp but accessible for everyone,  at any time, any place. Of all the apps that are doing the rounds on Playstore, the best educational app would definitely be the one, which provides quality education in the easiest possible manner. Getting NCERT solution with just a few clicks in no time is very important in the scenario of tough competition we are witnessing these days. Even decisive examinations like the 12th board examinations pose a great necessity for the presence and ample usage of some of the top educational apps. With more and more questions being asked that are directly picked from the NCERT books, it is very important for every student to have an access to the best educational app possible. A lot of problems and sums proposed in the examination are the ones which already feature in the books, just with a few changes; in a situation like this, the fact that pupils have quick and easy access to the top educational apps is promising and satisfactory.

With the advancement of technology and the reduction of manpower in practically every field, having an open and free ingress of the best educational apps is of utmost importance, not only because it makes a student up to date with the new scientific knowledge available, but also enables him to encroach upon enlightenment, not just related to his own field of interest, but from the entire world, modern and medieval alike.

Bookish knowledge and the presence of a teacher in a classroom cannot be substituted by any progress that modern science makes; nevertheless, educational apps are important, because it erases the necessity of the presence of a conventional teacher at all times. The students can have the virtual presence of a mentor and guide at all times, whether they are in the home, school, on a trip, or trapped with the presence of lots of guests in their homes, which makes it difficult for them to study. In a situation like this, wherein it is not feasible to actually sit down with books and copies to solve problems, these top educational apps are the reason why he can at least stay in touch with his curriculum even when cannot actually study.

Best free educational apps for kids have made even the complex of mathematical sums easier to understand because of clear solutions in each and every step of the problem. The added advantage is that these applications use the modern appliances that young students these days cannot seem to have enough of; they may be using a smartphone, but they use it for educational purposes! 


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